The Home of Human Beings

Image Courtesy of NASA On this planet, human beings are only travelers or temporary residents, but nature is the master. Viewing the Earth from space, we will find out our home that we think to be safe is actually surrounded by unpredictable weather. We should adjust our attitudes and treat the Earth respectfully! Best wishes to you all.

Home is where the breakfast is

Thank you Martha! I love the first word-challenge of Viewpoints 9 cycle 4. Home can conjure up so many different images and ideas, it was difficult to settle on just one. I realized that Home is a place where I feel welcome. That might be my home here in Cheshire, CT or my Mom's in NY or at any of my siblings' homes in the USA. It also includes my home-in-law across the ocean in Croatia. It's a place where I feel relaxed, welcome and able to be myself. A place that is always open to me, for a meal or a place to stay anytime. When we stay in the Themel home in Croatia, some of my favorite things are the smell of fresh coffee and the sound of my family in the morning. I love waking up and

This is home, not that

It is exciting to start a new round of challenges and initially I was apprehensive as to what the 'word' might be for our first challenge. However when Martha gave us 'home' , my fears melted away and I was instantly taken by the possibilities of this word. We have 3 generations living at our home at present, while our daughter and her family search for their new home. So positive and negative feelings about home have been circulating in our household for months. I asked family members to write or draw anything they liked, about 'home'. The six and three year old had great fun with the pastel dye sticks and textile markers, as did the rest of us. This was the first layer. The subsequent laye

My home in the Memories

The home is the meaning of warmth to me. The home is also a place where you want to go back in the warm memories lived with my family. My parents, sister, brothers, and husband and son..... Parents and brothers passed away... But they still alive in my memory. In December, my son getting married, Daughter in law come into our family. I think she will give us many joy like my son. Only leave our side, he will make a beautiful home with a pretty wife. I want to pray they make the happiness in a new home. Next week is big holiday “Chusok” in Korea. It is like thanksgiving day and 15th of the 8th lunar month. Many people visit their hometown and have a great time with all the famliy.

Viewpoints 9-4: Word!

The English language has an estimated 1 million words, Chinese, around 370,000, and South Korea as many as 500,000. And we will each pick one for each of the next 9 challenges in Viewpoints 9's fourth cycle: Word! Starting today, with our first challenge, V9 artists will respond to the Word challenge and create a piece 18" W x 36" L over the next 8 weeks. As in the past, weekly updates will be posted by individual artists throughout the challenge, culminating in our virtual gallery. Copan Building, São Paulo photo by Jens Assur For Challenge 1, I anticipated this being a simple task to select a word, but it wasn't as easy as I expected. I kept returning to the word "home" because of my own p

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