Humpback whales of the Southern hemisphere

The annual migration of the Humpback whales from the waters of Antartica to the tropical Great Barrier Reef, off the Queensland, Australian eastern coastline is a sight to see. Many tourists go out on whale watching tours to get up close to these enormous marine animals. Personally I haven't been on a whale watching boat, yet, but have spotted a few from the shoreline. This migration route is a 10,000 kilometre return journey with young calves, born in the tropical waters. These photos show work in progress as well as a finished panel. The whales have been hand drawn and painted, then outline stitched. I've enjoyed the research I undertook to learn more about these remarkable creatures. No t

My journey to Quilt

It was through a magazine from abroad that I first came to know the quilt. And the first time I saw quilts was when I was in America about 30years ago. While I was living in the US with my husband's work, I learned quilts, saw quilt displays, and saw many quilt books . This was the beginning of my quilt journey. After that I taught quilts, made and displayed works, traveled with quilts, met many foreign friends. They are my happy memories. It is in progress now. This is Second quilt I made,

Home again, home again....

Migrant, huh? Well, the obvious choice for me would be salmon.....but, I've done that enough for a while. So, I'm investigating what other migrant species there are...everything from dragonflies to manatee. I did a little investigative research yesterday, to escape the hubbub and noise of the approaching election and drove to the nearby Yolo Bypass Wilderness Area, home to some 200 species of birds and other wildlife (a laundry list of visitors is here), many of which are just passing through. Standing room only! There were loads of ducks and coot, ibis, willets, and geese in the water and the sky and grass were filled with flocks of blackbirds, grackle and even a handful of ring-necked phea

Color in the memory

I lived near the mountains for a long time. At that time, I liked walking on the mountain road. In there I met many colors that the season brings. I tried to make the colors I met in the season and to express the colors in my works. Even today, the scenery beyond the window always makes my mind peaceful. I am in autumn now. Size : 35 H 16 W

Birds Do It...Bees Do It

I snapped this pic in my garden. It's a migrant! Let’s consider the word MIGRANT. "Migrant" connotes species moving, temporarily, for a particular reason, with the intention of returning to its origins. There are, most notably, migrant workers. There are far greater numbers of migrants in other species, however. Consider: birds, butterflies, bees, diseases, fish, to name a few. When we usually think of the word migrant “people” come to mind, those that relocate, for instance, for work, habitat, or safety. This is different from the word IMMIGRANT, in that an immigrant does not expect to return to its origins, it is relocating permanently. I propose for this iteration of V9-4 the word MI

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