Nature's Whim

I have great respect for farmers who endure the uncertainty of mother nature and the punishing toll of physical labor. Farmers are never completely in control of their success; despite their efforts, they are subject to nature’s whim. I think of the Dust Bowl Days, so powerfully portrayed in John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath, and I can almost feel the agony of dreams destroyed. Migrant farmers gave everything without certainty of anything in return. In this piece I wanted to depict the ever-changing power of nature. Both the abstract design and the bright colors were intended to represent nature’s chaotic energy. “Nature’s Whim” is improvisationally pieced with hand dyed cottons and quilted w

By Land and By Sea

I think my overall theme for this cycle of V( has to be pattern, I keep returning to the same ones and expressing them in different forms. For this one I used watercolors on silk combined with marker and paint.I I let the colors flow from cool to warm- they reminded me of views of Earth from space. The copper dots represent the many stops along the way, and the tones, of course look like ground and water to me. By Land and By Sea 36x18" 2016

Melting Pot

I was always taught that America is the great "Melting Pot" - a unique place where people of different colors, cultures, religions and viewpoints blend together to form a stronger nation. But after this past election cycle, I really wonder if that was ever true. Who knows, maybe we shouldn't try to melt ourselves into one group. I wonder if the melting pot idea is even possible, in today's climate of nationalism, identity politics, red States v. blue States, using fear of "the other" to gain support for one's own cause, and the ever-changing goal posts of cultural appropriation and cultural sensitivity. I believe we can either create and celebrate a melting pot, or we can protect and reinfo

Migrants Welcomed

It was my turn to pick a word for this cycle of Viewpoints9 challenges. I chose MIGRANT...not immigrant, which means a permanent change of place, whereas migrant refers to a coming and a returning from place to place Countless species migrate. Starting with humans, who over the centuries migrated largely for foods' availability, and on down the chain of life: insects, fish, mammals. (Many species hibernate as an adaptation to foods' un-availability) I chose birds, one of my very favorite species. Using cotton textiles from around the world, I have tried to demonstrate the universality and necessity of migration, in this instance, bird. Continents presented here are Australia, Asia, Afr

Butterfly Pathway

Only when we fly to the same height as butterflies, we get to understand how self-righteous human beings are to disrupt butterflies’ migration route. This is what happened in Taiwan. Butterfly ecology was sacrificed for transport infrastructure. In order to remediate the situation, a freeway in Taiwan is closed for a specific period of time every year for the migration. I pray for the ecological incident with needlework and hope butterflies are blessed and flying high! Taiwan used to be a butterfly kingdom. However, due to economic development, butterfly habitats at intermediate altitude were destroyed. Taiwan’s purple crow butterflies migrate 3 times a year in spring, summer and autumn. Bet

An annual event

91 cm long x 46cm wide (35.5” x 18”) Each year in the Southern Hemisphere, Humpback whales migrate from Antarctic waters where they have spent summer to the sub-tropical waters of the Queensland, Australian coast to breed and give birth. This is a return journey of an amazing 10,000 kilometres. Between June and November a tourist whale watching industry revolves around the migration route of this whale species. Materials: cotton, silk, batting, thread, rusty items, onion skins, Pigma pen, textile paint Techniques: rusted fabric, eco dyed, hand drawn, hand painted, machine pieced, machine quilted, hand stitched

Been There

Growing up with Dad in the Navy was ...enlightening. If we lived on one house for a year, I would announce that it was time to move. I was born in Japan and have wonderful memories of the people there Granddad was an Irish fireman who married a Norwegian and raised their 9 kids in Brooklyn we've had a ton of exchange students over the years from all over the world- it has been a delight to continue to know them and see the amazing people they have become. I think if more of us could migrate in one form or another, we'd have so much more understanding of other people and cultures- there would be so much less fear mongering and suspicion.

Dust Bowl Days

After whales, my first thought for this challenge was “migrant workers”. That thought led me to John Steinbeck’s classic The Grapes of Wrath. Every time I have moved, I've remembered the Joad family migration: truck packed with all their worldly possessions, traveling to find work farming the land. No man really knows about other human beings. The best he can do is to suppose that they are like himself. ― John Steinbeck Growing up in the south, I relate to the book's description of the sun parched earth and baking sand of the “Dust Bowl Days.” Though I can’t describe it, I can recognize the smell of dry Florida sand blazing in the summer heat beneath the palmettos. My quilt will definitely h

A Warm Gift

This challenge is going to be the last quilt I complete in 2016. I would like to create for THE BUTTERFLY GUIDE, which was published in 1916. I was really touched when Martha gave me this warm gift of a 100-year-old book during her visit to Taiwan in International Quilt Exhibition 2016. When I received the gift, I told Martha that I will create a quilt that is connected to the book by the end of this year. I am sure that you still remember the moments we spent together and all the wonderful memories we made, Martha. Migrant is Diane’s topic for this challenge. A sense of moving. I might depict what I feel after meeting and reading the 100-year-old book. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you a

Migration of Color

As I've thought about Diane's challenge, I've been making a mental list of things that migrate. Birds, insects, fish, people... data from one computer to another... inks and dyes. Color migration is the one that interests me the most, so I'm wondering how I can use that in my next V9 composition.

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