The Eternal Guardian

Completed in 2009, the statue of the goddess Mazu is 28.8 meters tall. It is made of granite, which symbolize to protect the islanders forever. The word, eternal, means ​lasting forever or for a very long time, without an end. Mazu is worshipped as a goddess of the sea and the protector of fishermen and sailors. She is known and loved by millions in Asia. She is one of the most popular goddess in Taiwan, also known as the patron saint of Taiwan. The statue is located in Nangan, a small fishing village in the Matsu Islands, an archipelago of 36 islands and islets in the northern Taiwan Strait. The region experiences subtropical marine climate. It is cold and wet in winter and foggy in spring

This also goes over ( 이 또한 지나가리 )

I was reminded of many things when I saw Alicia's challenge. This words was the first thing that came up. My favorite words. “ This also goes over” Last December My son got married. A pretty daughter - in - law has become my family. The day my daughter - in - law first slept in my house, I remembered many of those days when I was married. Many strange and awkward things...... Now, strangeness and hardship have turned into comfort, but the years have not been easy. When it was hard or difficult, I thought of it in my mind. “ This also goes over” I thought she would be like me now I wish her to live well with her husband as a human being. I think she will live as well as me. Our time is passin

All Aboard....

Over the last few years I've had a couple of really exciting travel opportunities along with our Viewpoints 9 exhibitions - 2 that immediately come to mind are the European Patchwork Meeting in France and TIQE in Taiwan. Like other things in my life, they appeared on my calendar as spots on some distant horizon that seemed like the would never come, but they did, and a new horizon stretches on. Like a train, my life moves slowly (and sometimes quickly) through time toward that distant horizon..... It passes through pastoral, familiar landscapes, almost imperceivably moving toward that horizon at times. I have to remind myself I have deadlines to meet. It passes through the unfamiliar, height

As Time Goes By

Alicia's challenge word TIME is a tough one! Go ahead and read the wikipedia page . By the third paragraph your head will be spinning. It's a good thing that I tackled my piece BEFORE I did any reading about TIME's actual meaning. Even philosophers differ. The one thing that seems to be agreed upon is that 'sequence' is involved. That being said, I have to admit that this challenge is one of my favorites! Thank you, Alicia !!! Several years ago (time related phrase) I created Evermore which looks at language changing over time (time related). Old words at the top grind through my Evermore machine and get spat out with new ones. By the time (time related phrase) I finished the quiltin


Create the space and the animals will come. (David Attenborough). Habitats are crucial for species of all kinds, whether resident or migratory. The Avalon Marshes in the Somerset Levels and Moors, near where I live, are one of the largest wetlands areas in Britain. There used to be lakes there; and wooden tracks to cross the lakes and swamps, from island to island, have been found preserved in peat, dating to the Neolithic period. With civilization encroaching via towns, villages and roads, the areas available to species to dwell in and feed on have been steadily reduced. Fortunately six different nature reserves have been created in the Avalon Marshes, where wardens and volunteers work to

Wild Life: Reflecting

Wild Life: Reflecting ©2016, 18" x 36" A late entry for Diane's Migrant challenge, "Wild Life: Reflecting" depicts a polar bear in a land without (much) snow. It is inspired by: 1) the fact that polar bears are a migrant species, traversing the Arctic Circle, following the migration of seals for their food; 2) the polar bear is reflecting in the water; and, 3) the fact that I have been doing an immense amount of personal reflecting on a range of issues during this challenge that began on November 1st. Among those issues, the polar bear is only one of the species whose fate is unknown as our climate continues to change. May the decisions we make in the days ahead serve to protect those specie

Log Cabin

Log cabin is one of my favorite traditional patterns. When I first came across the quilt in America, the most interesting pattern was Log Cabin. This pattern can be seen in Korean bojagi. It is a simple but potentially workable pattern. Although it is a traditional pattern, it is showing a new figure by a lot of artists who fit in with modern style. As we aways yearn for home, we seem to be nostalgic for our traditions. Size 36" x 19"


"Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future".(Wikipedia). My word for this cycle is Time. We experience it at every moment. It can be interpreted in so many ways. Moving and progressing in space and time as one works and plays every day. Curved spacetime as conceived by Einstein and Minkowski. The seasons illustrate the passage of time. History develops in time. Life is a succession of moments – we always live in the present. The passage of time can be felt as very fast or very slow, depending on one’s particular experience at a specific moment. That golden moment that we

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