Moon Jar 4 ( 네번째 달항아리)

It was at a museum that I first saw the moon jar. The color of the jar and the rustic line of the jar kept me in place for a long time. This inspiration has always been on the edge of my mind for a long time. This inspiration allows me to work at any time. Organza transfer dyed, Machine Pieced 36(H) 24(W)

Internal Combustion

I was so excited when Martha posed the Energy challenge. My stash is filled with vibrant colored fabric that I thought would be perfect for energy: fuchsia, yellow, brilliant orange. But then I thought that would be too easy: to let the fabrics communicate energy instead of the composition. I challenged myself to create energy with only black and white. What was I thinking? Actually, I've had the desire to create a black and white quilt like this for some time and this gave me the opportunity to move forward. I have a sweater that has black and white intersecting circles that I love. I have a similar motif on my coffee mugs. Now I have a quilt. "Internal Combustion" is machine appliqued: bla

Potential Everywhere

I chose a not very subtle solution to this challenge. Beginning with energies that have, and still do, support human development around the globe, ( supplied by fossil fuels and hydroelectric energy), I imagined a spot on earth that specializes in wind and solar energy, and ignored nuclear.

Fire and Water

Fire and water are primordial sources of energy, and they have been crucial in the building of our civilization. As I said in my earlier blog post, fire was the first source of heat man learnt to control. And heat releases energy. When water is heated, steam is released and that’s another form of energy. Very appropriately, this quilt will be a tribute to my late husband. During his working life as an economist, his main subjects were housing (the fires of home), and water resources. The image shows the rough shape that the quilt will have, as it stands now on my design wall. I started it at the end of March, but then it became impossible to continue when my husband went into hospital and

Mental Energy

Sometimes it's all just too much. There are so many things competing for my attention, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I can't absorb it all; I can only do one thing at a time. This quilt represents my brain, with all kinds of stuff that occurs to me throughout any given day. Interests, responsibilities, worries, data and information coming in from outside sources, etc. ​​​​ I also created some frames with different sized openings. The frames represent my attention span, or my (limited) mental energy. They can be moved around the quilt to capture smaller compositions, similar to the way focusing on a smaller area of concern allows me to enjoy moments and be more productive with my day. I wan

September Sky

I began this project, as I do with so many, by painting on fabric- cotton in this instance. I use a wet on wet process, and let the paint flow freely. I'm trying to capture the colors of the leaves in early fall, a particularly poignant time in my memory as it signaled the return to school, and the end of summer freedom. Below is the fabric after it dried- I used opaque turquoise paint to represent the glimpses of sky that you see between the leaves. Now I apply wax to the entire piece- I crushed the hardened wax to produce random patterns, then scored it deeply to produce a prominent grid. Black paint was then applied over the entire surface. after drying, I removed the wax by ironing on

Raw Energy

The topic of energy and Living Planet as the focus for the 9 challenges we are to complete, has captured my imagination and pushed me to explore a new technique. I am going to use colour and texture as much as possible in each challenge. The raw energy of the sun is vital to all life on planet Earth. Photos of the sun show a glowing, moving mass of solar energy and it was this colour and dynamic that I have tried to capture in my quilt Raw Energy. The black background is painted wadding, something I have used before in my work. Using torn strips of synthetic and silk I was able to add the texture I needed to bring my sun to life. Using the strips in this way is new for me. Size- 24"wide x 3

Alternate Sources

I've mentioned before that my mother-in-law is Icelandic. We visited there as a family years ago and I fell in love with the rugged beauty of the country. Volcanoes, glaciers, natural hot springs, rolling meadows, lava fields, mountains and sea; it is so diverse! Iceland is home to the youngest island on earth: Surtsey. The island was born from a volcanic eruption, perhaps one of the reasons Iceland's moniker is the Land of Fire and Ice. I was fascinated by the natural resources of the country and how 99% of Iceland is powered by clean energy. A few examples: Geothermal power Hydroelectric power and though I don't recall seeing any wind farms, I can assure you wind is another of Iceland's al

Into the Woods

A recent stay at our family home in Pennsylvania sent me down a rabbit hole of memories. The willow tree in our back yard was like another sibling, I would climb up its friendly branches and read books after school. We spent a lot of time in the woods, too riding bikes through the trails until the streetlights came on and it was time to go in for dinner. I've done the willow many times in my art work, it's something that I really miss living in the high desert with its scrubby conifers. I'm going to represent the energy that makes the trees grow for this challenge, and show the sun through the leaves.

Running out of energy

I have had a busy month, diverting my creative energy from quilts into a renovation project at a beach unit we bought. We will use the unit for weekends and holiday time with family and friends. Many things in the unit were original from 30 years ago and we wanted to refresh it, as well as make it safer in line with today's standards. Below is a before photo. A qualified electrician installed new fans, air conditioners and a safety switch board for our power. Electricity is an awesome energy we take for granted in the modern world. A flick of a switch and we have the energy we need. However, with all the modern conveniences we are so used too,I do wonder if we use this energy wisely.

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