Southern Summer

Florida is the lightning capital of the world. Inland, the summer storms are so predictable you can almost set your watch by them. Sea breezes from both coasts collide in the interior of the state and create violent thunderstorms. I grew up with these storms and they fascinate me. I love watching the clouds build, the light change and the storm arrive. Lightning is dynamic and unpredictable, thunder is bold and commanding, the rain can be astonishingly cold. When I am safe inside, I can watch these storms for hours. The power of weather is beautifully displayed as the summer storms roll across the state. "Floridian Flash Dance" was created using acrylic paints on white fabric. Quilting inclu

The Ice Storm

Mother nature is showing her displeasure in increasingly violent ways. I used paint poured textiles to illustrate the raging chaos of our unpredictable weather. The Ice Storm The textiles are creating by allowing the paint, through a fluid dynamic process similar to the behavior of our atmosphere, to assume its own patterns. I capture the images on thin material that can be collaged and stitched.

A cold day

Her challenge reminded me of the cold weather in winter. On my way to summer, I worked on it, remembering last winter. Last winter, I stayed at a temporary residence downtown because of the delay in the construction of a house I had to move to. It was very different from where I used to live. I wanted to express the view of winter through the window. I am sorry I couldn’t post a response to the Weather Challenge. Thanks, Diane

Kyoto...and it snowed

Weather! A great choice, Diane! This challenge, more than most, sent my imagination off in many directions. Weather is ever present on our minds these days with super-storms and record highs and lows, displaced polar bears and migrating beetles. Weather is such a critical part of our planning, from what to wear when we leave the house to when and where we plan events. We're always thinking about it in the back of our minds - and I never really thought about that. I started to think how weather colors our memories, how we remember something and the weather is part of the story. Sometimes it's a sad part, sometimes it's the highlight, but it's always there. My trip to Japan in January has insp

Ideal Weather

My idea of a perfect day, weather-wise, is bright and slightly cool with a gentle breeze. The kind of day where you can be perfectly comfortable in jeans and a long sleeve shirt, maybe with a light sweatshirt. It usually happens some time in Spring, just when those first bright green leaves and buds appear. Details: 36x24 in hand dyed fabrics, hand guided machine stitching

Weather is a changin'

Everyone's talking about it. Almost constantly. Sometimes it's the safest subject for conversations, allowing you to stay away from politics and other unpleasantries. That being said, discussions about the weather, the amount of CO2 in the environment, rising temperatures, the calamitous shifts in weather extremes and the like, can spark similar anxieties and raised voices. This past year our weather has truly been amazing, especially watching nature adapt to the changes. This past April in New England our winter and spring were VERY cold. When the early blooming trees began their usual budding, they slowed opening...until mid least two weeks later. Then in mid-April trees s

Flooding rain

I have enjoyed creating 'Flooding rain' , a situation that we are often confronted with in my Australian State of Queensland. A lot of debris of objects plus people's hopes and dreams are washed away in cyclonic weather.

Please Pour Some Rain!

Drought is a weather phenomenon which is caused by insufficient rainfall over a long period of time. The reservoirs are waterless and the land is cracked. Only the exuberant dandelions can survive, whereas human beings are helpless in the face of climate disasters. I create the work as a prayer offered to heaven for rainfall. It has not rained for 11 months in Southern Taiwan! The long dry season and high temperature are obviouslytheeffects of global warming and it has resulted in the gradual shortage of water resources. The destruction of forest plants decreased its water storage capacity and caused severe desertification. Both ecology and the environment are in adversity. In any case, it i

Full Steam Ahead

Fire was an early discovery that propelled mankind in a different direction. Water was used as a power source for a long time, in the form of streams, water wheels, pumps. Fire and water were brought together to produce a large amount of energy. The heat multiplied its energy value by producing steam. Steam, and the invention of a steam engine which was safe and relatively portable, were crucial factors in the industrial revolution and the making of modern civilization. Steam power was very important in the development of the textile industry from around 1830. 24” x 36”, hand-dyed fabrics, improvisational piecing, machine quilting.

Weather- The New Terrorist

I don't think there is anyone on the planet who hasn't been negatively affected, directly or indirectly, by the increasingly erratic weather extremes that are becoming the new normal. My son's in grad school in New England, so the severe winters they've been having are especially worrisome to me. Here he is, in more carefree days, on our balcony with his bestie Lucio.

Rain forecast

I have always loved following weather reports. At one point in the 1970's while living in the Australian Outback I had a temporary position as a meteorology data collector. Readings from the instruments were recorded twice daily and results phoned to head office in Darwin. Now with a unit by the beach I am constantly looking at the evolving patterns of the clouds. The ever-changing view in sunny or rainy weather is fascinating.

Alishan Cherry Blossom Season

The weather in Taiwan has deteriorated rapidly due to climate change issues. It seems that we must go to the mountains to breathe fresh air. I took the photo of cherry blossoms during the cherry blossom season this year when I visited the Ali Mountain (Alishan). Feeling the comfortable temperature and breathing some fresh air are just like eating healthy foods. It is a real happiness. Why aren’t we grateful for what we have until we lose it?

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