Diane Wright

Connecticut, USA

After a career in residential real estate, I fell in love with another global vagabond.  We lived for a few years in Australia, a few months in Korea, followed by more years in Florida, before landing Connecticut, our current launch-pad.  I took the opportunity of studying art in every location. 


 In all three of those countries I also studied pottery.  I developed a real appreciation for fine pottery and came to understand that my personal artistic journey needed to involve texture. 


My youngest son was living and working in Japan, where I had spent my teens.  On one of his visits to Florida, he brought his friends the Hasuiki's.  They revealed to us that they were expecting a second child.  I felt it necessary to make something 'American' as a baby gift.  A Quilt!  Of course!  For generations the women in my family have been textile makers of all sorts (rug braiders, quilters, tailors, dressmakers, tatters, knitters...and on.)  How hard could it be for me?


Making that baby quilt began an unimaginable journey for me that has continued through three decades.  At every step, those past influences are evident in my work, revealed in the use of vintage, foreign, hand-dyed/marked or stitched fabrics.

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