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Elisabeth Nacenta-de la Croix


I was born in France but I live in Switzerland, in Geneva since many years now. I traveled to many foreign countries, for my studies but also for other purposes and the different inspirations my memory registered can be seen in my landscapes works.


Working in an intuitive way without any plan or design, I build my pieces fabric after fabric, listening to the visual feeling expressed by the result. Since many years now I paint all the fabrics I use.


The changing colours of the water of the Leman lake with its movements are very inspiring: always the same but every day different according to the colour of the sky or the time of the day. This change in continuity is for me a constant source of wonder.

Small Heading
Nacenta-de la Croix Elisabeth_Maree  Art
"Marée Arctique_de glace et d'eau" (Arctic tides_ice and water)
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