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Farewell V9-3! Hello V9-4!

Galleries 1 - 8 of the Viewpoints 9 - 3: Constants & Variables cycle (click to enlarge images). Each artist selected their own constant theme for the entire 18-month cycle and varied some physical parameter within each of the 9 challenges. For more information on Viewpoints 9 - 3, refer to

Viewpoints 9 - 3: Constants & Variables will premiere at International Quilt Market & Festival in Houston in November and will travel to multiple venues in Australia, including the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne in April, 2017.

Tomorrow, September 1st, will be the first day of the new Viewpoints 9 - 4th cycle. Update your bookmark to our new (and permanent) website, here, at All nine of our current members return for our 4th cycle as we take on new challenges and dimensions. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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