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My home in the Memories

The home is the meaning of warmth to me.

The home is also a place where you want to go back in the warm memories lived with my family. My parents, sister, brothers, and husband and son..... Parents and brothers passed away... But they still alive in my memory.

In December, my son getting married, Daughter in law come into our family. I think she will give us many joy like my son. Only leave our side, he will make a beautiful home with a pretty wife. I want to pray they make the happiness in a new home.

Next week is big holiday “Chusok” in Korea. It is like thanksgiving day and 15th of the 8th lunar month. Many people visit their hometown and have a great time with all the famliy. We offer “Charye” to our ancestors in the morning. We make offerings of grain and fruit from first harvest of the year. We give thanks to our ancestors for good harvest. In the evening we make a wish on the full moon.

I want to invite you to my home on chuseok.

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