This also goes over ( 이 또한 지나가리 )

I was reminded of many things when I saw Alicia's challenge.

This words was the first thing that came up.

My favorite words. “ This also goes over”

Last December My son got married.

A pretty daughter - in - law has become my family.

The day my daughter - in - law first slept in my house, I remembered many of those days when I was married.

Many strange and awkward things......

Now, strangeness and hardship have turned into comfort, but the years have not been easy.

When it was hard or difficult, I thought of it in my mind.

“ This also goes over”

I thought she would be like me now

I wish her to live well with her husband as a human being.

I think she will live as well as me.

Our time is passing and their time is coming ...

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