What If, Indeed!

Thanks, Lisa-Marie, Possibility is one of the mantras I live by.

It's pretty much exactly how I work, I'll make one piece, and then ask myself, what if I do something different, how will it come out?

For instance, I made Multicellular, which we just revisited in Layered Voices-

I made one complete quilt, then cut holes in it and inserted the translucent panels.

It left me with a couple of leftover chunks of stitched material, so I asked myself what if I used them as the starting point for another piece- here they are in Island- 61x38"

This required a large overlay of hand cut non woven material, which I used to make a sun print that became the base for Chromatophore-61x38"

Ideas are already bubbling around, can't wait to get started!

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