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A line of thought

I have enjoyed working on this challenge, so thanks Hsin-Chen for providing the word. As I have already finished my quilt, but don't want to reveal it just yet, I will go through some of my line of thought in regard to inspiration for the challenge.

A month or so ago, I was working on hand dyeing large pieces of fabric for another project. As the fabric was drying on the ground I took some pictures and liked the shadow across the material. Perhaps there would be a chance to use a silhouette in another project, I thought.

That time approached quicker than I realised. My 94 year old Mother was in frail health and at each visit I realised my remaining time with her was getting shorter. Times like this make you think about many things and I thought about the lifeline of my remaining parent, my ancestors , my children and their children- the lines that link and bind us together.

So I took another photo, that I thought I'd use in my V9 Line challenge quilt. I began to design with the full image, however in the end I realised that I didn't need to use the whole silhouette to get my message across. This is some of my line of thought. Reveal begins August 27!

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