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New Structure for a Colorful Old Crow

Kate posed this challenge just one week after I had major surgery to replace my right hip. In fact, I had 'graduated' to a rehabilitation facility that day. I was TOTALLY sorry for myself, having lost my independence of movement

. I could not walk, turn over, bend over, dress myself...and too many other, taken for granted, motions. I had prepared for none of this AND there was the pain.

Fast forward a couple days and I could hobble into the dining room for communal meals At first, I needed to be accompanied by staff but soon and I could meander on my own! Thanks to my walker.....I was MOBILE! I could plod down for fine dining, and later swing by for physical therapy. My new STRUCTURE was a Godsend.

Now, just two months later and I have graduated a cane! This old crow is MOVING! I'm keeping my walker as a reminder of its ability to uplift, literally, me and my spirits.

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