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All Fall Down

Kate's Structure challenge arrived on the heels of numerous assaults to the American people - from the dismantling of government protections for minorities, the vulnerable and the poor, to the devastation left in the paths of storms in Puerto Rico, Texas, and beyond and catastrophic fires in nearby northern California and elsewhere, to just one more mass shooting - this time killing 59 in Las Vegas. The infrastructure crumbles, the houses and businesses are destroyed, and our hearts hurt and break.....and we all fall down. It seems all of the structure/s in my life are failing, and though I recognize that life is a continuum, these outliers have shaken the foundation.

"All Fall Down" was pieced from hand-dyed silk charmeuse and Dupioni, and commercial cotton prints, machine quilted and hand embroidered. Fragments of "Thoughts and Prayers" are scattered throughout, pieced from commercial prints. While perhaps offered with the best of intent, they do little to address the underlying causes of tragedy or materially affect recovery.

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