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Lines in the Landscape

Planet Earth, seen from an airplane, is full of lines. Rivers are what come to mind first; and Somerset, the county where I live in England, is full of winding rivers. I chose the River Parrett as my inspiration, and loosely interpreted the area around it. This piece shows the section where the river meanders north-west to Bridgwater Bay, the Bristol Channel and the estuary of the River Severn.

The lowlands along the coastline have been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and the Bridgwater Bay National Nature Reserve is based there. The area consists of extensive areas of mudflats, sandbanks, reed beds and saltmarshes, attracting a large number of birds and also some rare plants, beetles and snails. The mudflats are of particular importance of over-wintering waders and wildfowl - 190 species have been recorded - and they are subject to flooding due to large tidal variations.. Some sea walls have been constructed to protect them. But if climate change continues unabated and sea levels rise, they could be completely submerged.

In addition to the river lines and the coastlines, I have added road lines – big and small – and marked some of the towns, villages and farms in the area - even an industrial estate.. I densely quilted the green fields in the background – Somerset is a very green county.

Hand-dyed fabrics, fusible web, machine quilting, 18” by 36”.

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