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Circular movement

This word challenge is a great way to end our Word cycle and as I write this blog post I am repeating a pattern that the group Viewpoints 9 has created over the past 6 years. Did we in 2012, when Martha got us together, think that we would still be going in 2018? I don't know the answer to that, but I'm so happy to be part of this talented, dedicated group of artists.

So repeating the pattern of blog posts, I ask myself what can I say about this challenge? Repetition plays an important underlying part of my daily life. As the sun repeats its daily cycle, so my life takes on the patterns I have created, the building blocks for my daily routines.

Sewing is a repetitive task that I love. Completing a quilt after many years of repeating the steps is not a chore but a pleasure. Yet with each new quilt, challenges present themselves. This is what keeps the task exciting.

I'm looking forward to the reveal on February 27.

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