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Beach Baby

I have always loved the ocean. My “happy place” is the beach. When I face out at the water, all my troubles are behind me. I am awed by nature and humbled by my smallness. The salt air and water are therapeutic

My husband and I both grew up in Florida surrounded by water and it was the instant bond that led us to spend time together. Sunrise or sunset, you can see the beautiful sun arrive or depart the day across shimmering ocean water. Moisture, wind and water can create beautiful clouds which reflect the changing color of the sun.

The ocean controls much of our weather, good and bad. It also provides endless recreational opportunities. Recently we purchased “Blue Planet II”, a 2017 British nature documentary on marine life. Between David Attenborough’s narration and the exquisite photography, I could watch these DVDs all day, every day. I never cease to be amazed by ocean life.

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