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Many Moons

It is a wonder to me that we are all looking at the same moon in the sky, no matter where we are. We don't necessarily see the same thing, and that is a wonder to me, too. When Viewpoints 9 first began 7 years ago, I wondered about how people created, how they imagined a prompt and the steps that they went through to create a response. Did they see the prompt visually, did it remind them of a story, did they just start to make something and attach meaning later? Like the moon, the prompt was the same for everyone, but what we create may be completely different....and that makes me wonder so many things!

I started this piece with some wonderful silk habotai I had indigo dyed using a shibori honeycomb wrap. It naturally created a gradation with the inside fabric getting less and less of the dye.

These I cut up into squares and inset circles of yarn-dyed Japanese cottons. These I laid out light to dark with the circles dark to light.

Once these were all assembled, I took indigo dyed organza and cut circles in it to over lay the habotai with the circles in it. These I assembled with a pojagi-inspired method of flat seams.

Finally, the circles were embroidered with the phases of the moon representing 2 cycles/months = the duration of a Viewpoints 9 cycle!

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