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My Generation #2: Accountability

Wild sunflower (Helianthus maximiliani) is my favorite. I found it very suitable to describe myself as a wild sunflower after my 20s. Its flowering period is short but brilliant. Most importantly, its freedom makes me envious. I have been trained as a responsible person since I was a child. Little by little, it has become a habit that makes me enjoying my courage of undertaking responsibility and keeping my face to the sunshine.

It was around Mother's Day when I was sewing this piece. My mother passed away peacefully in her sleep just before Mother's Day. It’s the law of nature. Her teaching and example made me a responsible person. She always said, “As women, we must redouble our efforts to learn. Be someone who can contribute to the society with wisdom. Look up to Nature and keep cultivating yourself. A woman is beautiful for her wisdom. Your inner-self is much more important.” I am creating 3 works in my Generation series (Self-Discipline, Accountability, and LOHAS) to document my past and future. It’s also a 60-year-old commemoration for me. Unexpectedly, it became a memorial quilt for me and my mother to celebrate our 60-year bonds. Thank God for his arrangements. Mom, I miss you so much. Love you forever! Thank you, Alicia, for the prompt.

Materials: hand-dyed fabrics, commercial cottons, commercial dyed fabrics, fluff lace, ribbon, beads, sequin, Romanian thread

Techniques: 100% hand stitched (pieced, appliquéd, quilted), mola

Size: 52" H x 36" W

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