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Bliss: The Day Begins, again

I'm excited for the new Viewpoints' series, "Ithaka" which considers the poetry of C P Cavafy telling the story of Odysseus journey to his homeland. Filled with symbolism and metaphor, it inspired me to go back to the original works of Homer and reread some of the Odyssey. The last time I read it was over 50 years ago and I guess I have been on a bit of that journey myself.

What has a cat got to do with any of this? I thought about how Homer repeatedly talks about the "rosy-fingered dawn" emphasizing the possibility and inevitability of each new dawn. A new beginning to a journey. My cat is a more literal translation - each day in my house begins with coffee with Tate. A time to consider what my plans are or just think. It's a lovely ritual and way to start the day. And when I have been away for a long while, as I have several times recently, it is a way to mark my return.

Bliss is truly created from treasures from my journey. The wonderful hand-dyed and printed vintage linens came from a vendor at the European Patchwork Meeting as well as the Perle cottons.

Bliss is 40" x 44"

Machine pieced background and cat's chest. Raw-edge appliqué cat portrait with machine top stitching. Hand-embroidered details.

The day begins...


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