Change-it's personal , Sue Dennis

Many things changed for me in 2020; a change of location, a change in working habits, health changes and imposed changes from the Covid 19 epidemic.

During times of change I've found it a time for reassessment and forward movement into a new normality. Not all change should be viewed as bad. Being ready to embrace a new world while learning from the past is my personal evolving journey of change.

Size- 41 inches long x 21.5 inches wide [ 104cm x 55cm] 2021

Materials; commercial cottons, artist prints, threads, batting, textile ink

Techniques; hand printed, machine pieced and quilted

This is the first lino cut design I've attempted in response to a portrait challenge from a local print group of which I'm a member. I have always loved bright colours and have accumulated a good collection, which is now making it's way back into my current work.

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