Harmony in our New World - Alicia Merrett

My theme for Cycle 7 is Harmony. After the difficult time we have had with the pandemic - which is still not completely controlled - I feel we need to make serious changes to our way of living.

We need a different approach to the planet and to life in all its forms - plants, animals, and humans. Climate change comes to mind first, and the need to be serious about working towards a zero-fossil fuel energy use. And also, vaccination must be extended to everybody in the world.

We must be kind to each other, help and understand our fellow wo/men, and work together globally to create a new, harmonious world.

Last summer I spent a lot of time in my garden, enjoying the sunshine, photographing flowers, butterflies and birds. The colours are so beautiful and appealing, it makes me think and wish to achieve a new after-pandemic world full of harmony and kindness to our Earth and all its inhabitants.

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