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Alicia Merrett

United Kingdom

I was born and brought up in Argentina, and came to live in England in 1967. I learnt to sew from my mother who was an accomplished stitcher, craftswoman and photographer.


The crystal blue sky and the bright colours of my childhood have stayed with me and have influenced my textile work over the years. My background in photography informs my way of seeing. The quality of stitched fabric, and the texture of quilting have drawn me to art quilting. I work improvisationally, and love creating abstract works as much as making the maps I am best known for.


Currently I have switched to creating digital collages using my own abstract designs and altered photographs, some of which are printed on fabric, layered and stitched, becoming a different kind of colourful improvisational art quilts.


My work is exhibited world-wide, has won awards, and is in private and public collections. 

Fishing for Colour
40" x 40"
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