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Lin Hsin-Chen


Born and grown up in Taiwan, I’m a fiber artist who has been devoting herself to creation, organizing exhibitions and teaching for 20 years. Environmental issues are what I concern most so I put my observation and reflection into my designs. I often lead students or groups to work together on large-sized collective works.


Nature always inspires me, especially the beauty of plants.


I love to play with various kinds of cotton prints. Exploring possibilities of combination always brings me new visions.


I enjoy journeys of making quilts. Opening my inner self to a theme can start adventures and reflection. Sewing my thoughts and feelings into fabrics strengthens quilts’ power of conversation. There is always a story behind my quilt. I cherish every story in front of my quilt- what people think and how they feel. I expect my quilt to be a storybook- a rich text loaded with people’s thoughts and feelings.

The Forest
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