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Cecília González

50% of Desedamas

Barcelona, Spain

Since I was a child I have been creative and I have been interested in all forms of graphic expression. The fabrics, the threads, the wool, have always been at home. I don't remember the first time I picked up a needle or a crochet hook. I cannot conceive of life without a sewing machine...

I believe that inspiration is anywhere, and especially in everyday life, although you have to be careful not to let it slip away, because sometimes they are fleeting flashes.

My challenge when I create a piece is to interpret emotions and sensations and try to transfer them to the work. I really like music, which accompanies me for most of the day. I have an eclectic taste that makes me listen to very diverse styles. There are songs that can transport me to very diverse places or emotions. It is one of my greatest sources of inspiration and many of my works are related to it.

My material is silk, but my passion is textures. I like works that impress me at first glance but then invite me to get closer to see the details better.

Jazz Dots 
38" x 38"
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