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Viewpoints 9-4: Word!

The English language has an estimated 1 million words, Chinese, around 370,000, and South Korea as many as 500,000. And we will each pick one for each of the next 9 challenges in Viewpoints 9's fourth cycle: Word! Starting today, with our first challenge, V9 artists will respond to the Word challenge and create a piece 18" W x 36" L over the next 8 weeks. As in the past, weekly updates will be posted by individual artists throughout the challenge, culminating in our virtual gallery.

Copan Building, São Paulo photo by Jens Assur

For Challenge 1, I anticipated this being a simple task to select a word, but it wasn't as easy as I expected. I kept returning to the word "home" because of my own personal curiosity about how people live throughout the world. But home can have many meanings and interpretations. Explore the meaning of home, as a noun or a verb, as a place or a state of mind...what/where is home?


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