On the Prairie

The deep rooted grass on the North American Prairies is legendary, as is the fierce wind. I used a wet on wet painted silk background to represent the ominous stormy skies, and hand stitching to accentuate the movement of the machine quilting.

Solar Wind

When considering this challenge, I was surprised to encounter the concept of solar wind. I was even more surprised to discover the wind can produce auroras. I read that when the charged particles from the sun collide with oxygen and nitrogen in our upper atmosphere, they glow. Invisible made visible in a spectacular way. Despite having already settled on depicting palm trees in the wind, when I read about the auroras, I knew I had to capture their brilliant lights. One day, I hope to see an aurora with my own eyes. Hmm..sounds like a good excuse for another trip to Iceland! “Solar Wind” is cotton painted with acrylic paints and quilted with cotton and polyester threads. It measures 36” H x 2

V9-6: Our Personal Viewpoints

Details from V9-5: Living Planet When Viewpoints 9 first started 8 years ago, it would have been hard to imagine where we would be at this point in time. We've considered unique Sources of Inspiration, the Power of 9s, Constants and Variables, words and our Living Planet, while growing as artists and having the opportunity to exhibit around the world. For those who have the opportunity to attend the European Patchwork Meeting week after next, don't miss our exhibit at Eglice Saint Louis in Ste-Marie-aux-Mines. Come say hello and enjoy selections from our Living Planet series. What's next? For our next series, we take a step away from our past and try an exciting new format for V9-6: Personal

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