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Santa Cruz: Hydrangea

Santa Cruz: Hydrangea, 18" x 36"

I've moved around a number of times in my life and each time there have been special parts of my experience that stand out in my memories - experiences that are often marked by the natural world around me - the seasonal cycle of the pond, violets and lilacs in Pennsylvania, the beach life, sea beans and mangos in Florida, flowering dogwoods and wild turkeys in Connecticut, and more....

I've lived in California on 3 separate occasions and each has been highlighted by unique aspects of the natural world. In the early 90's I went to work at the University of California in Santa Cruz, situated among the redwoods overlooking the breathtaking Monterey Bay. Part of the time I was there, I had a wonderful bungalow I called home.

It was a lovely little place, where you could sometimes hear the seals and sea lions talking under the pier and beautiful hydrangeas ran the length of one side of the house. The hydrangeas thrived in the cool coastal climate and and continue to bloom in my mind.

This challenge could have gone so many ways for me, but I stopped here. SC: Hydrangea is hand-painted and sun-printed silk organza and habotai, starched and sewn in a Pojagi-inspired style. It is in 3 layers, 2 organza and the habotai base.

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