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This is Home

This was a great first challenge to set, thanks Martha! As we had 3 generations living together in one home at the time, I got out the dye sticks and textile markers and asked those who wanted to write or draw anything they wanted about "home''. Miss 6 wrote "this is home not that" part of which supplied the title. Our young family of 4 have since found and moved into their new "home" and are very happy to have a place to nest! While home is a physical location that we become attached to, it is so much more in terms of our mental health.

Over the drawings I stencilled the addresses of our previous homes. This was then painted, machine quilted and a giant word 'home' was added to finish the quilt.

Materials: cotton, synthetics, batting, paint, thread, dye sticks, fabric markers

Techniques: hand drawn, stencilled, hand painted, machine quilted, machine appliqued

Size 18"wide x 36"long

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