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Home again, home again....

Migrant, huh? Well, the obvious choice for me would be salmon.....but, I've done that enough for a while. So, I'm investigating what other migrant species there are...everything from dragonflies to manatee.

I did a little investigative research yesterday, to escape the hubbub and noise of the approaching election and drove to the nearby Yolo Bypass Wilderness Area, home to some 200 species of birds and other wildlife (a laundry list of visitors is here), many of which are just passing through.

Standing room only! There were loads of ducks and coot, ibis, willets, and geese in the water and the sky and grass were filled with flocks of blackbirds, grackle and even a handful of ring-necked pheasant.

.....which got me thinking about murmurations and off I went down the rabbit hole again....

Check this out from artist, Alain Delorme Brilliant!

Murmurations - Ephemeral Plastic Sculptures #9 by Alain Delorme (link above)

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