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Migrants Welcomed

It was my turn to pick a word for this cycle of Viewpoints9 challenges. I chose MIGRANT...not immigrant, which means a permanent change of place, whereas migrant refers to a coming and a returning from place to place

Countless species migrate. Starting with humans, who over the centuries migrated largely for foods' availability, and on down the chain of life: insects, fish, mammals. (Many species hibernate as an adaptation to foods' un-availability)

I chose birds, one of my very favorite species. Using cotton textiles from around the world, I have tried to demonstrate the universality and necessity of migration, in this instance, bird. Continents presented here are Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, North America and Europe.

Materials and techniques: Stenciled whole-cloth with paints and crayons, appliquéd images, machine quilted, and beads added.

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