Late Day Sun

LATE is the operative word here...this is my piece for last months' Colour and Light Challenge. I called it Late Day Sun because the colors are vivid and saturated when the sun is low, late in the day. I've been wanting to try a modern quilt for some time and this is my attempt. I love how modern quilts are simple and geometric. I also love their typically dense quilting. Another first for me (and possibly last) was the use of a ruler while quilting. I wanted the lines to be straight so I was painstaking about using a ruler and my 1/4" foot. Sometimes I try to mix things up by using traditional tools in my art quilts. And then I remember what I call the prison of precision: the reason I beca

This invisible force

What is this invisible force called 'wind' ? I don't really think about it too much, but do get nervous when the wind picks up and is very strong. I think this is a reaction to the years spent in cyclone zones and having first hand experience of the destructive force of the wind. I found some lovely quotes about wind- "Wind is what happens when air falls in love with itself." Barry Webster "The wind plays its own music."Bert McCoy "A great wind is blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache." Catherine the Great

Beautiful Lugano

I traveled to Lugano, Switzerland. On the first night, it was heavy rain and strong wind. I watched wind and rain performing the whole night in the lakeside B&B. The wind blew the leaves and curled the rain. It was a huge stage of Nature. The performance was phenomenal. The next morning I strolled along the beautiful lakeside. It was so quiet and peace. It felt like two worlds comparing to the night before. I really like Lugano and I visit there every time I go to Switzerland. I even hope to have a chance to live there for a longer time and be LOHAS! Best wishes to everyone!

Aspects of Wind

Wind is something I think about daily. It is particularly important now that I live next to the countryside. There are many aspects to it. Three come to mind: - The gentle breeze, that cools you down in summer and does not make you too cold in winter. The trees and the flowers sway in the breeze. - The light wind, which whirls the autumn leaves, and turns the wind turbines that produce electricity from a renewable source. - The heavy wind, the hurricane, the cyclone, that can damage our fragile civilization, and it is getting more frequent because of climate change. Plenty to think about for my next piece.


I like standing in the wind. The sound of the wind The touch of the wind The colors you feel in the wind ..... . What do you feel in the wind? Please feel the wind...... This is the last challenge of Living Planet. It is long time. I am so happy with all of you. Thank you to Martha.

Through the windows

Before I moved here, I lived in an apartment close to the mountain. So I saw the beautiful scenery and changing colors of every season through the windows. At that time I saw many beautiful colors and then tried to make same colors like them. This is why I started dyeing.

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