The Winter Wind

August is in the middle of a hot summer in Korea Summer, which started with the work, finished the work now..... Summer is going and autumn seems to come. There is a cool breeze at night. I worked in the hot summer thinking about the cold wind blowing in the winter. While working in the hot summer, I felt a cool wind blowing from the work. Seeing and feeling the many things the seasons give seems to be the luck that the earth is given to us. I am so happy with all of you. Thank you to Martha.

Aura. Goddess of Autumn Breezes

This was an interesting, if not bewildering, word challenge. Most of my sensations about wind relate to feelings rather that imagery. As I read poetry and a couple folktales in an effort to be inspired to create WIND, I shifted to wanting to create an image and story of my own about. Autumn is my favorite season wherever on the planet I happen to be. The center figure here is a linocut created by Australian artist Dijanne Cevaal whom I met years ago when I had returned to visit Geelong, Victoria, Australia during the autumn. Dijanne showed me her linocuts printed on her own hand-dyed cotton and I was smitten. I purchased several from her and shared them with friends. This one is the last

Eye of the Storm

Wind, at one end of the spectrum, can be a gentle and pleasant breeze. At the other end, it can be furious and destructive. For my piece for this challenge, I chose to interpret the hurricane end. With climate change and climate crisis being so much in the news and in the forefront of our thoughts, I feel that we really are in the eye of a huge storm. Literally, the hurricanes hitting the Caribbean and the US are terrible disasters for so many people, and they are getting more frequent and powerful. And metaphorically, we are almost at a point of no return – if we don’t do something about climate change now, its consequences will make our planet earth inhabitable, and destroy mankind and ci

Fresh Laundry

I really enjoyed this challenge. How do you create a visual interpretation of something invisible? The word "WIND" brings to mind all sorts of imagery for me. Some of them are scary and destructive, like hurricanes and tornadoes and blustery winter storms. I decided to go with an idea that calms my mind instead. Gentle breezes.

My Generation #3: LOHAS

Flowers are scattered by the winds, just like my no-longer-young self. Keeping such a unique gesture and charm, living a happy life, and being happiness and at ease, it is the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) generation. In the second half of life, I am looking for a happy self living LOHAS. Care less about how others see you, but think more about how to live a meaningful life. Try to create a LOHAS environment, upgrade the living conditions, and turn your hobby into a career. Loving the Earth, caring about the ecology, and stepping out of your comfort zone to serve people are not only a dream of living LOHAS but also a brand new motive of life. Thank you, Misik, for the promp

Blown Away

Blown Away, detail ©2019, 36" x 24" Wind was a really interesting and unique theme for V9-5's final challenge and I thank Misik for suggesting it! I had a lot of fleeting ideas, but settled on something that incorporated a chance to put some new/different printing techniques together. Blown Away ©2019, 36" x 24" Dandelions, to many, are just a nuisance weed, but, in fact, are an important part of the biodiversity of a garden. The dandelion is a pollinator species, providing nectar and pollen to bees and other insects. However, dandelions themselves don't need to be pollinated to reproduce. They usually reproduce asexually through a process called apomixis, creating clones of themselves, disp

The Invisible One

92cm long x 61cm wide (36in x 24in) You move the clouds, shift sand dunes and bend trees. Wind, you are the invisible one. Materials- cotton, wadding, synthetics, thread, paint, fusible web Techniques- hand painted, machine appliqued, machine quilted Thanks for this challenge Misik, I really enjoyed attempting to being bring the wind to life The obvious images of a bending tree or hair blown by the wind were rejected in favour of a more abstract interpretation.

The Mighty Wind: O' Wind a'blowing all day long. O'Wind that sings so loud a song.

I was rather bewildered by this word prompt. I couldn't get visual at all. While I felt a presence when I thought about wind, it was difficult to get beyond storms and blowing leaves. Interestingly, the poem Wind by Robert Louis Stevenson that I read and was touched by decades ago came back to me. Actually I was haunted by the last phraset. It says it all for me. The Wind by Robert Louis Stevenson I saw you toss the kites on high And blow the birds about the sky; And all around I heard you pass, Like ladies' skirts across the grass-- O wind, a-blowing all day long, O wind, that sings so loud a song! I saw the different things you did, B

Ballast (belatedly)

The 6th challenge of the Living Planet cycle was Irreversible, thus my offering is way overdue. My sincere apologies to my fellow V9ers for taking so long to share my piece. I've worked on it in fits and spurts and kept thinking, and still do, that there is going to be something more to add to it. Sometimes the piece has become my tangible mourning so no doubt there will be more. Ballast is defined as a heavy substance placed in a vessel to provide stability and control. Irony. My brother had a longtime fascination with blacksmithing and had a collection of over 600 anvils. One would have thought he could not go anywhere, but he did. And that was what I felt was Irreversible. My brothers uni

Invisible Power

Wind is fascinating to me. I am in awe of its power, how it moves as temperatures change, how it creates swells and waves in the ocean. It seems ironic to me that wind is invisible and yet its presence is visible: a breeze that catches a lock of hair, leaves rustling against each other, whitecaps on a bay. There is even a website called windfinder. And then there is the concept of solar wind: charged particles that flow out of the sun. The diagram below is from NASA’s website and it depicts conditions observed by NASA's Cassini spacecraft during a flyby in Dec. 2013. At that time Saturn's magnetosphere was highly compressed, exposing Saturn’s moon Titan to the full force of the solar wind. T

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