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Wild Life: Reflecting

Wild Life: Reflecting ©2016, 18" x 36"

A late entry for Diane's Migrant challenge, "Wild Life: Reflecting" depicts a polar bear in a land without (much) snow. It is inspired by: 1) the fact that polar bears are a migrant species, traversing the Arctic Circle, following the migration of seals for their food; 2) the polar bear is reflecting in the water; and, 3) the fact that I have been doing an immense amount of personal reflecting on a range of issues during this challenge that began on November 1st. Among those issues, the polar bear is only one of the species whose fate is unknown as our climate continues to change. May the decisions we make in the days ahead serve to protect those species caught in this delicate balance created by man and preserve the diversity that is so important to the survival of our planet.

"WL: Reflecting" was created with raw-edge appliqué of up-cycled linens and cottons, leftover silks from my persimmon dyeing experiments in our "Natural" challenge in Cycle 3, and remnants of dyed silk with soy wax resist. The background is layered with silk organza with machine quilting.

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