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Elastic Time

I am confused by time, especially how I view it personally. Yes we can measured time and have timelines. Yes we have the circle of life, of a person's lifetime from birth to death. But when I am engaged in a creative activity, time is elastic.

I get lost in the process and am unable to determine whether a minute or an hour has passed. This is what, I feel, makes time elastic.

It is as though I have bungy jumped into the creative void and am bouncing up and down on that elastic strap. If things are going well, time vanishes and it can be hours before a need, such as hunger makes me take note of the time.

When I am struggling through a creative problem, I can be anxious or despondent if the solution is not clear and time is not my friend.

This same elasticity of time presents when travelling. The first movie is enjoyable and passes the time quickly, then looking at the flight path I see I have another 8 hours and the bungy cord is stretching out to infinity!

Personal perception of time is a fascinating, difficult thing to explain. Thanks for the challenge Alicia!

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