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Arrival ©2017, 18" x 36"

Thanks for a thought-provoking challenge, Alicia! I'm eager to see what others have done with their "time". I spent a lot of time considering what and how I would create something for this word and decided to try something a little different. I'd shared my thoughts on the blog on how I've come to view approaching deadlines - - much as mountains on the horizon, some bigger than others, slowly approaching - and then arriving - and then a new horizon......Could I create a piece that depicted that?

"Arrival" is 5 layers of painted silk organza that is pieced with curved flat-felled seams. The intention was to create a sense of depth and remote, undefined terrain on a distant horizon. And so, "Arrival" arrived. Ultimately, there was some valuable information learned in the process followed by a very challenging photo shoot.

"Arrival" hangs from 5 dowels and is very different when the dowels are close together versus spread out with a couple inches between them - and you'll have to take my word for it as I can't get a photo that will prove it :)

Found a starch that I like working with much better than the stiffer fabric stabilizers. It was enough to minimize fraying and help the silk keep its shape. It worked well for the curved piecing, which was easier than I anticipated. I'm considering doing some delicate embroidery on it with regular machine thread - I've got an idea - but undecided. I'll see if I have time.

Arrival ©2017, 18" x 36", detail

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