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Maybe it’s my age, or my family, or that I love where I am in life, but every moment seems precious. They say time moves faster the older you become and I’m inclined to agree. There is so much I want to experience and so little time!

I’ve struggled with time my whole life. When I was younger I was searching for meaning and purpose to validate my time and decisions. Now that I’m older, I want to enjoy and extend the life I’ve chosen; every moment is valuable.

The realization that time is limited – both mine and the people I love – creates a sense of urgency. And greater purpose. No one knows the number of their days.

I chose to represent time with a heartbeat because I believe that is the true measure of our days: literally and figuratively. A heartbeat represents not only life, but also love. I pray I never waste a single one.

“Precious” is created using commercial and hand painted fabric, applique, bobbin work and metallic and polyester threads.

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