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Water, water, everywhere

Serenity: that's something I haven't got a lot of. I run around, I work hard, I get stressed out. I really could do with some more serenity. So what is that brings me serenity? It was an easy answer: water. Any landscape with water will bring me peace and relaxation. I don't live near the sea, but there are many ponds, lakes and streams in my area. I should visit them more often!

I looked at my photo albums and I was astonished at how many pictures of water I have. Selecting a few was a difficult task. Here are some.

Wells Cathedral and its reflection in the pond which holds the wells that have given their name to the city. They are in the Bishop's Palace Gardens, which is my favourite place for walks.

When I trained as a photographer I used to play with my camera settings. Here is the same running water taken with a fast and a slow shutter speed.

The sea offers me particular serenity, even when there are big waves - but there are none here.

Water in the countryside can take so many forms - I have large quantities of these kind of images. I love them!

I find turbulent water is also calming. I could watch it for hours.

So my quilt on the theme of Serenity will have to contain plenty of water!

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