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Finding Balance

I once met a person who was building little towers of stones on a beach. The stones he was using were not all flat and easy to stack up. They were odd shaped, with some large ones stacked on top of smaller ones, and some at odd angles. I asked him how he did it.

He said that every 3 dimensional object has a point of perfect balance. It's not always at the mathematical center like a grid; but a single point at which all the rest of the weight around it is evenly distributed.

Once you find that center, you just need to place it in a direct line over the last object's center of balance. If you keep all the centers lined up vertically, you can stack anything.

This piece represents my attempts to create structure and order in a world full of noise, confusion and oddly-shaped ideas. The trick is to find my own center of balance, and keep that in line no matter what is swirling around from day to day. Results have been mixed. LOL

Technical details:

finished size 18"W x 36"H

hand dyed fabrics and batiks

raw edge applique, free motion quilting

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