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Winter Flight

Being on the water is my favorite thing to do; nature refreshes while water calms me. Each time I am there, I see something new and marvelous. Last winter it was the birds. Thousands of birds.

I didn’t notice them on the surface of the water but when I approached they launched up and away. It was both chaotic and amazingly organized as the birds quickly fell into position and flew over and around me as a group. The sun was low in the sky and the birds’ feathers caught the light as they soared overhead. I saw glimmers of gold and silver amidst the grace of their flight and it took my breath away.

I was unprepared for the crescendo when the birds landed in the water behind me. As they touched down, droplets of water splashed in the light like dancing diamonds. It was a sacred moment and it filled me with peace that lasted for days.

Serenity: the moment when awe and joy collide and all is right with the world.

Winter Flight 18” W X 36” H

Commercial cotton, silk, polyester lamé, stitched with metallic, cotton and rayon threads. Raw edge collage, free motion quilting.

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