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Rich with Meaning

I read Hsin-Chen’s Line challenge while I was sitting outside enjoying a warm summer day. After reading, my eyes went directly to the palm fronds in front of me. Their fronds are like friendly arms, comprised of hundreds of lines.

Linear Fronds

Then I looked at the trunk, tall and linear, encircled with lines left as the tree grew.

Age Circles

I noticed three palms in a row, planted in a line like sentries guarding a castle.


The shadows they cast created more lines which contrasted with the pattern of the deck below.


I thought of the roots which nourished the tree as it grew; web-like tiny lines reaching and drinking from the soil.

What does line represent to me? Nature, nurture, connection, protection, patterns, growth and age are words that come to mind. Each represents related concepts that might provide fodder for an interesting art piece. Who knows where this will lead? One thing is certain: I didn’t know such a simple word could be so rich with meaning!

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