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They are everywhere!!

Darby Jampijimpa's story about sacrifice

I was very intrigued with Lin Hsin-chen's say the least. Immediately I tried to write something intelligent about the use of line in art. But what really happened is that her word got stuck in my mind and I began to hear it everywhere.

Quilt line


Hair line



fine line

fashion line

Andrea Martin's story about secrets

It got worse and worse. I began to be obsessed. (but I guess you can tell that)





Maggie Watson's story about rain and much more

As I walked down to my studio, I saw afresh the lines all about me in our collection of Australian Art. Wow....They ARE everywhere.

Keith Holmes' story about travel in the heavens

If you click on each painting you can read the artists' name and a couple descriptive words. And if you are invested...I'd be happy to reveal more...however, some stories are not meant to go public.

Tree line

Telephone line


Fishing line

State line

Thank you!!! Hsni-Chen! I'm looking at everything anew!

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