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Fish and Family

My son is a masterful fisherman. He knows where to fish, what each fish eats and how they pursue their food. He’s a great instructor too. He can tell me where to cast and what the fish will feel like on the line and, most importantly, when to pull.

For Mother’s Day this year, he took me out in his boat and we caught nine different species of fish! Other anglers were unable to catch their targets, while my son and I reeled in one fish after another. What a day!

The only thing I didn’t catch that day was a Snook. Snook are most easily identified by the distinct black line on their body. They are extremely intelligent which makes them difficult to catch. If you’re lucky enough to hook one, hold on! They can grow very large and they know how to fight. They also know every way possible to break your line. Did I mention they are smart?

Not too long after our fishing expedition, my son sent me a picture of himself with a large Snook. It was both a celebration and a teaser. Clearly, he knows how to catch them, when will I land my own?

“Look Ma!” is constructed with silk organza painted with Liquitex inks and enhanced with Derwent Inktense pencils. It is quilted with cotton, polyester, rayon and metallic threads and measures 18” W X 36” H.

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