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World of Wearable Art, Nelson, NZ, 2015

I'm not certain why my brain went directly to clothing with "Structure" but that is what's rolled around in my thoughts since Kate first proposed the challenge. I've always been interested in experimental couture and costume and thought it would have been fun to design and create for the likes of Cirque du Soleil. Here were some of my thoughts....

Tomoko Nakamichi Pattern Books

I caught an exhibit of Charles James' beyond fashion and found the animations associated with the exhibit really interesting! They're all worth looking at, but, the Architectural Shaping videos are fascinating!

Charles James ©Vaccaro, 1952

Remember Jean Paul Gaultier's costumes for Madonna's "Vogue" video? I think part of the intrigue in this, is the how do you construct it?

Some of the more wildly inspirited aren't new - this (below) from the 1700's....but, (spoiler!) I have to confess that what I chose to create had nothing to do with any of this :) Looking forward to the reveal on October 27th!

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