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Secondary Forest

There have been several forests and natural disasters in 2017. I am sending my prayers for the damaged plants and environment by creating an imaginary secondary forest. Nature has the ability to regenerate on its own after suffering from wildfire, insect plague, and even deforestation. The re-grown and self-healing power of nature is remarkable.

Creating the work is challenging to me because I try to combine the damaged woods, the tree trunks that have been burned into ashes, and the re-grown secondary forest in one picture. The damaged past versus the revitalizes present. New vegetation is growing from the roots. I had been trying the best of my ability sewing it. Nevertheless, with sincere prayers, I believe the expectation would be fulfilled.

I use lots of fabrics that my daughter discarded after wiping the ink off her printmaking machine. The color is one-of-a-kind and just right. I am fascinated by the materials and glad that I discovered them. To printmakers, those fabrics are supposed to be discarded. My daughter said that it is amazing that I used her discarded fabrics in my work to depict the trees that are burnt-out and no longer exist. To be honest, these fabrics are very good teachers who has been testing my sewing techniques! I really enjoy creating it. Thank you for the challenge topic, Kate.

Materials: self hand dyed fabrics, discarded fabrics of printmaking, commercial cottons, embroidery floss, a variety of fiber mesh netting

Techniques: hand pieced, hand appliquéd, hand quilted

Size: 18” x 36”

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