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Teasel, 36x18", 2018

silk dupioni, hand and machine stitching.


this piece was actually inspired by the back of brocades. I love the way the images are reversed, and the way they take on unexpected patterns

I began by scanning my drawing into the electric cutter software- original drawing is on the left, and the actual cut files on the right.

After the components were cut from sticky vinyl, I composed them on silk dupioni, which I chose for its rich purple coloring. The images were made in sections for two reasons- to maximize the use of the vinyl, and to provide me with more options to create a pleasing arrangement.

I decided to use a reverse collotype method of printing, with the materials applied to the fabric instead of the inked plate. At least that's what I think it could be called :)

Above are 4 steps in the process. Another reason for picking the type of base fabric is that it is quite rough and stubby, so the background would have a lot of texture.

finished print, ready for stitching

hand stitching finishes the reverse brocade look and provides another element of repetition.

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