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Winter thoughts...

I have to confess, Diane, I am completely stumped by this challenge! I will need to focus more time on what exactly weather means - it gets blurred with atmospheric phenomena and climate change in my mind, and while they are all relatives, I need to focus..... Good thing I have some time.

These are photos of winter where I live. I live here deliberately because I don't care for snow and ice and freezing temperatures for weeks on end. That said, I appreciate the beauty of snow and the seasons....usually from a safe distance.

Being in Japan this past winter meant I needed to be out in the cold and snow every day and reflecting back on it, I think it was part of what made the experience so memorable.

All bundled, cozy and warm in my down parka, I stood in gently falling snow, in beautiful, peaceful surroundings and didn't even notice the cold. Funny how that works....

Snowflakes on vintage indigo dyed mosquito netting

Snow falling on 1300 year old shrine

My snowman

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