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Please Pour Some Rain!

Drought is a weather phenomenon which is caused by insufficient rainfall over a long period of time. The reservoirs are waterless and the land is cracked. Only the exuberant dandelions can survive, whereas human beings are helpless in the face of climate disasters. I create the work as a prayer offered to heaven for rainfall.

It has not rained for 11 months in Southern Taiwan! The long dry season and high temperature are obviouslytheeffects of global warming and it has resulted in the gradual shortage of water resources. The destruction of forest plants decreased its water storage capacity and caused severe desertification. Both ecology and the environment are in adversity. In any case, it is hard for all living species in Taiwan. Hope mankind will soon have a countermeasure against the devastating problem of water shortages. Thank you for the prompt, Diane.

Materials: fabrics dyed by the artist, commercial cotton prints, gauze, netting, ribbon, embroidery floss, metallic thread

Techniques: 100% hand stitched (pieced, appliquéd, quilted, embroidered)

Size: 36" H x 24" W

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