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Small wonders

Yes there are the most amazing man made wonders for us to admire and so we should marvel as our evolution is truly astonishing and wondrous. However I am often drawn to the little wonders that may be overlooked in our busy lives.

These are dry seed pods from the Poinciana tree on my footpath. When they turn from green to brown they harbour powerhouses of future growth- little hard brown seeds that drop into my garden and sprout, without any attention from me. I don't encourage them to grow. I don't water them or fertilise, yet they find a way to unleash their potential and grow!

It is a wonder of Nature that from the smallest of seeds we get the food to sustain us.

I made this quilt "The promise of tomorrow" for a Viewpoints 9 challenge during our second round, some years ago now. My topic was the humble seeds of this world, something I am returning to in this post. reveal is just around the corner, can't wait to see what everyone has created.

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